Advantages of Using a Claims Management Company to Reclaim PPI

Posted on 26/04/12 25 Comments

Dealing with PPI claims day in day out means you hear a whole variety of reasons why and how PPI was mis-sold. But one of the questions that always seems to arise is “why should we use a claims management company instead of claiming PPI back myself?” Great question. Simple answer. Claims management companies exist [...]

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Care Home Claim Case Studies

Posted on 29/11/11 No Comments

A woman approaching her 90th birthday spent the best part of a year in various hospitals around the North West after suffering a severe stroke 10 years earlier. Her rehabilitation was an understandably slow process and her family was told she would require round-the-clock attention in a nursing home. Eight years after being admitted to [...]

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Council Homebuyers – Have you Been Mis-sold a Mortgage?

Posted on 01/08/11 3 Comments

The interest in the emerging Right to Buy mis-selling market has led to Cloud 9 Claims writing this article to reveal some facts and myths about whether you are eligible for making a claiming against a mortgage broker for this type of mis-selling. Council Homebuyers are a well established and reputable mortgage broker specialising in [...]

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Mis-sold a Mortgage by Home and County Mortgages Limited (HCML)?

Posted on 01/08/11 2 Comments

Over the past few weeks Cloud 9 Claims have received a number of enquiries relating to the purchase of a council house through Home and County. These enquiries seem to be off the back of widespread mortgage mis-selling advertising campaigns targeting clients who have dealt with Home and County in the past. Having already been [...]

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Mortgage Related Problems? We Provide FREE Advice

Posted on 14/07/11 No Comments

We are a sort of a firm which would be ready to handle all your mortgage related problems and we have the ability to save you from a state called mis-sold mortgages. We have solicitors to discuss things with you and help you cope up with the situation. There are several claws when you are [...]

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In Debt With Your Mortgage? We Can Help

Posted on 12/07/11 No Comments

At the time when you are opting for a mortgage plan we are here to take care of things like existing debts and loans so as to secure your financial stability in the future days. We are here to share a part of your fiscal liability so that you do not have to face anything [...]

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Mis-Sold Mortgage Rules and Regulations

Posted on 08/07/11 1 Comment

Once you plan to enter into a mortgage plan we are here to help you out and make the entire process simple for you. We will first make you understand the FSA legislation and regarding all the rules being specified by the organization so that you do not become a victim of mis-sold mortgages in [...]

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Understanding the Mis-sold Mortgage Process

Posted on 07/07/11 No Comments

We are working for your benefit and our motto is to make you understand how to make claims in matters of mis-sold mortgages. After all you cannot be penalized for something in which case you do not have a fault. By the time you realize what has happened it is too late. We try to [...]

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Escaping a Mis-sold Mortgage Trap

Posted on 06/07/11 No Comments

You must always stay better informed if you want to escape a condition called mis-sold mortgages. This is a mortgage condition which can give you a sudden shock when you realize one fine morning that you have to make high repayments in the process. Don’t hurry or run after a special mortgage provider to make [...]

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Who can tell if you have been mis-sold a mortgage?

Posted on 05/07/11 2 Comments

Our firm has experts who can tell you and explain to you about the entire concept of mis-sold mortgages. We have everything ready just for your convenience. You can read with us, you can explore with us and you can reach to the depth of mortgage loan repayment issues. Here, you have no scope to [...]

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